Wednesday, 25 February 2015

soap and glory | 'thick & fast' mascara

after coming to the end of my beloved elf mascara, i headed to boots with my £25 gift card i got for christmas on the hunt for another cruelty free option to replace it. i find that there aren't many brands in boots that i can actually buy from, so i headed straight to the soap and glory counter and was soon eyeing up their thick and fast mascara after hearing various good reviews from blogs, youtube and even friends. at £10 this mascara is more than double the price of my previous elf one, however i think that's pretty much the going rate for a good quality high street mascara so i wasn't reluctant to pay for it. 

the wand of this product is pretty much standard for a volumising mascara, being quite long, rounded and thick and near enough identical to its elf counterpart. in terms of coverage, it leaves your lashes looking long, separated and a little plumper like the elf one did, however the time it takes to achieve this with the soap and glory product is much less as i had to work with the elf mascara for a while to really get my lashes looking tip top, so the soap and glory offering wins on that front. the mascara doesn't particularly add or hold a curl well, and if i'm being picky it could offer a little bit more volume (or you could just add more coats!) but overall i'm really enjoying how easy and quick this product is to use and how separated and bold it leaves your lashes looking.

so, the bottom line: i'd definitely purchase this product again. i don't own much soap and glory makeup, however after really loving this mascara and a lipstick of theirs i'm definitely tempted to spend the remaining £15 of my boots gift card on some more of their make up bits and pieces to try out.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

oops, i did it again

'don't knock it until you've tried it' they say, and now i've tried it i'm well and truly knocking life without a fringe. i've been debating going for the snip since before christmas, and last week i finally took the plunge and went ahead with cutting off the 8 months worth of growth and had my trusty fringe put back in, and i don't regret it at all (let's see if i'm still saying that in the summer when it's no doubt sweaty and sticking to my face...)

i opted for quite a messy, soft fringe as opposed to the super straight cut fringe i used to have simply because i wanted something that was going to be easy to manage and part if i wanted to, and i'm really pleased with my decision. to say i've not had a fringe for around 8 months, it's weird how 'me' i feel now i have one once again. fringe, i left you once, but i'll never leave you again. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

saturday scribbles

this week i've focussed on creating the beginnings of my picture book, and in all honesty it's been a bit of a struggle. i have a tendency to overwork illustrations for fear of them not looking enough as they are, and in turn i've put together a bunch of spreads that i'm not entirely happy with, so i thought today i'd share with you some instagram snaps that show some of the less overworked components of the illustrations instead. 

tomorrow i plan to tackle what i've already got in a much more fresh way that feels relaxed and natural and will hopefully look better overall, but time will tell. i think i'm going to stay away from digitally creating illustrations and simply use photoshop for arranging and making slight tweaks to bits that need it in the hope that my work will start looking and feeling like i want it to, and i'm hoping it'll fall into place pretty quickly because time's ticking and my picture book certainly isn't going to illustrate itself! 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

the body shop | 'mango' eau de toilette

after harping on about the difficulty of finding cruelty free fragrances for what felt like a lifetime, my mum quite clearly became aware of my struggles and thoughtfully bought me this mango eau de toilette for christmas to try out. i'm a big fan of the body shop's various scented body butters and shower gels, so i was curious to see how i'd get on with one of their famous fruity scents in the form of an everyday fragrance. 

mango isn't at the top of my list when asked what my favourite body shop scents are, however it's pleasantly surprised me. i tend to be a lover of sickly sweet scents (ie britney spears' fantasy) which i find people tend to either love or hate, so i was surprised at just how much i've been enjoying using this product as it isn't nearly as sweet as some of my previous favourite fragrances. i'm terrible at describing scents so i'm not going to embarrass myself by attempting to describe this product's scent, however i will say that it's fruity rather than sweet and in turn i think it smells a bit more mature than my usual scents of choice.

my only slight niggle with the product is the fact that it's an eau de toilette as opposed to a perfume so it doesn't linger for as long as i'd like it to, meaning that it makes a perfect fragrance for throughout the day, but you might want to find something with a little bit more of a kick to it for a fragrance that would see you through the day and into the night. or, if you're like me, you can just simply top this product up as and when you desire to stay smelling delicious all day and night. 

for £8.50 i really don't think this is a bad little fragrance. i've been using this product daily since christmas now and i'm about a third of a way down it, and i've already been considering heading back to the body shop to pick up a vanilla and strawberry scented fragrance for when this one eventually runs out. the body shop's scents might not be the greatest cruelty free option out there, but they're certainly bridging a gap for me while i'm finding my bearings in the world of cruelty free fragrance. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

acid wash

jacket: river island (old)
shirt: primark
necklace: lilac edge
belt: primark
mom jeans: topshop
boots: primark

hi world, and welcome back to another instalment of my infrequent but definitely-still-a-thing outfit posts! i've spent today working on the beginnings of a picture book spread and broke it up with a visit to the post office, and because it was such a nice day i figured i'd take 20 to snap a few outfit pictures too. as i was only nipping out briefly i couldn't really be bothered with the effort of premeditating an outfit before chucking it on, so while in the process of chucking on clothes i reached for a striped shirt (as ever) and my trusty mom jeans that weren't going to flap around in the wind on my way to the post office.

i'm currently still working on the aforementioned picture book spread, and i think it's going well so far; i'm feeling a little bit rusty at the moment but i'm sure by the end of the week i'll be back into the swing of things! i'll probably give myself another hour or 2 on this spread now while waiting for my housemates to get back from uni, and then i'll be giving myself some necessary time off to stuff myself silly with pancakes with lots and lots of jam and nutella (not together though, obviously.) happy pancake day everyone!! 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

sunday synopsis

finally, a sunday synopsis post that i'm on top of! i thought i'd get this out of the way (relatively) early in the day before my friends get back in and i no doubt don't touch my laptop for the remainder of the evening, so hi!

so, let's start with the obvious: i've dyed my hair. for a while now i've been debating going back brown simply because i was getting a little bored of the orange, and after spending my week lusting after jenna coleman (swoon) i finally bit the bullet and bought myself the dye (from superdrug so cruelty free, if you were wondering!) my friend josh helped me pick out a colour that was pretty close to my root colour so from here on i don't need to worry about topping up, and i think he did a pretty good job of it. now it's darker i'm also back into the territory of do i or don't i want to cut my fringe back in, and while i'm fed up of looking at my overbearing forehead, i also know i'll be fed up of my fringe come summer once it's hot and sticky and sticking to my face. sigh, fringe woes. 

also aesthetically speaking, i've now finally found a nasal arrangement (didn't know what else to call it!) that i'm happy with now i've finally found a ring for my septum. i went through a spell of buying absolutely useless septum jewellery because it was either too big or i couldn't actually fasten it because it's so fiddly, but i'm finally over it and shall be leaving it as it is until further notice, phew.

i've spent today exercising, running a couple of errands i had and listening to select t. swift songs while doodling away for my picture book, and as i mentioned yesterday, i'm really getting into it. it's so nice to finally feel connected and excited about my work again after the first term of third year which felt a little draining and uninspiring, so here's to a good few months before graduation. maybe it's just coincidence, but i find things in my life tend to go downhill as autumn/winter approaches and then level out once again when spring/summer arrive. i like to say that i'm like a flower in that i bloom in spring and wither and die in autumn, and i'm using this example as firm proof of that.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

saturday scribbles

this week i'm sharing another few pages from my sketchbook in regards to my picture book. on monday i received feedback and my story was generally well received, however it was a mutual agreement between myself and my tutors that to use another sloth within my story wasn't really doing me many favours in terms of diversifying my portfolio, so i've spent a couple of days this week rethinking my protagonist and making some slight changes to my story – nothing too drastic, but enough to give me a chance to explore another creature!

in the end i settled on a tamandua, a type of anteater, simply because i loved how they move around (mostly on all fours, but they often stand on their hind legs) so clumsily and spend a lot of time tree dwelling as a sloth would, so altogether they made a pretty good (and super cute!) substitute. i always pictured mallory as a lost, confused sloth on the streets of new york, however the more i watch tamandua videos and doodle myself familiar with their anatomy, the more they're capturing my heart, and the more i can see mallory as one of them. 

this week me and my coursemate also pitched our nhs work to the staff members that we've been liaising with since september, who then went onto pitch it to some people higher up the chain, and luckily they all loved it! we've also decided that we're going to enter the project into the creative conscience awards, so in preparation for its deadline in late march we've worked on a couple of smaller alterations before we perhaps have to pick it apart a little more and do a fair bit more work. i never really knew where i thought this project was going because it was sort of put on a back burner for a while until we really got to grips with our strategy, so it's exciting to think that it could potentially go ahead and be rolled out within the nhs nationally! here's to the next few months until graduation (gulp!), it'll be a lot of hard work, but it'll hopefully be worth it.