Wednesday, 23 July 2014

on smelling good enough to eat

**both products now discontinued**

i feel like i've given the body shop a bit of a hard time on my blog throughout the last few months after being disappointed by their hair and skincare ranges, but here i am today with a positive review of a couple of their body products. i have to admit, i normally find vanilla scented products somewhat vanilla (please do mind the pun, i just couldn't help myself,) but when i saw these going for super cheap in a body shop sale a few months back, i thought what the hell and threw them into my shopping basket as i was in need of some new body butters and shower gels anyway. it's only recently that i've began using them, and oh my god, i wasn't expecting to love them as much as i do, and i must admit that i'm fairly sad to now discover that the products have actually been discontinued, boo!

i'll begin now by stating that if you're not a lover of sweet, somewhat overpowering scents (somewhat similar to britney spears' fantasy perfume,) these products will probably not be for you. but if you do, great, and here's why these products will probably fill you with the same amount of joy as they have me.

of the two products, i first used the shower gel, and i was really pleasantly surprised by just how delicious it smells when you lather it up between your palms. it's a somewhat warm, comforting scent that i imagine would be a fantastic product to use in a bath if you wanted to relax and wind down for the evening, however i've only ever used it on a morning and find that the smell lingers throughout the day, and when i get a whiff of it it makes my mouth water and my tummy grumble because it smells so fantastic; you know when you go into lush and some of the products smell good enough to eat? this product provokes the exact same response for me, and i can't imagine smelling sweet and delicious is a bad thing for the people around you, either. heck, you're doing everyone a favour when you lather up with this baby.

i was prompted to try the body butter after discovering how fantastic the gel's scent was, and although it's still a pretty nice product, it doesn't smell quite as good as the shower gel. if you like a more subtly sweet scent, the body butter would probably be more to your taste as it's pleasantly sweet but not at all overpowering. for me it's a little bit of a bummer (because i just love smelling like a sweet shop,) but i still think the products used together are blummin' lovely and i very much enjoy jumping out of the shower and revelling in how delicious i smell.

it's fair to say i'll be making the most of every last morsel of these products now i know that i can't get my hands on them again, but for what it's worth, the body shop, please do bring the vanilla bliss range back! i just don't think showertime will ever be the same for me again without it resulting in me smelling like a walking, talking dessert. sigh.

Monday, 21 July 2014

now playing: charlie simpson

while i was working at wilkos, a song used to come on often that i was pretty sure was charlie simpson, but i never went to any effort to find out if my suspicions were correct. then, a couple of weeks back, i got the same song stuck in my head for some strange reason and decided to set about finding out whether or not it was the ex busted member whose voice i swore i'd recognised, and much to my delight, my suspicions had been correct, and after a couple of listens to the song in question (down down down), i decided to give his entire first solo album, young pilgrim, a go.

i'm kind of glad i waited for the sunshine and warm weather to arrive before i set about listening to his music because it seems to work so wonderfully as a chill out album, perfect for when you're laid around soaking up the sun or out taking a lovely summertime stroll. the album has a nice mix of songs, with more upbeat numbers such as 'parachute' and more acoustic numbers such as 'please let me go', meaning there's a little bit of something for whatever mood you might find yourself in on the day. of the whole album i think 'cemetery' may be my favourite song, but i've really been enjoying listening to it on repeat over the last couple of weeks. no regrets.

i'm not entirely sure why i never thought to give charlie's stuff a listen earlier on, but better late than never, ey? i never did get into fightstar but after having a listen to this i'm definitely at least curious to go and have a listen because there could be more gems to add to my itunes there. after doing my research i've discovered that charlie's set to release his second solo album this year and i'm now extremely excited for its release so i can get stuck into enjoying more of his solo stuff!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

sunday synopsis

ok, so i'd like to begin by apologising for missing my saturday scribbles post yesterday. a friend from uni has been staying with me this weekend, so between catch ups, film watch binging and plans of what to do when a storm hits, my blog really wasn't at the front of my mind – sorry! i'm only sat typing this now because she's currently still snoozing away upstairs, tut tut.

this week i've been mostly having fun playing around with clay. i haven't managed to make all that much yet because i've been getting used to working with the stuff, learning how to best create the shapes and various bits and bobs i'm interested in, and after a long play around with moulding, painting and glossing, i think i'm finally a bit more educating in clay playing to be finally making some proper stuff, yippee! the only downside to the clay is the fact that it normally needs overnight to dry properly before i can slap on a coat of paint. i have read that baking them can speed it up, but because my clay is of an air drying nature it can crack the clay, and well, when i've spent an hour or so moulding something, i don't want all my hard work ruined, y'know?

i'm currently playing around with some charms that i think will look sweet as little necklaces (heh heh), so hopefully next week i'll be on my blog game with lots of saturday scribbles to share with you all because i think making's pretty much what i'm going to dedicate next week to.

Thursday, 17 July 2014



choker & necklace: lilac edge
bardot crop: new look
skirt: primark
rings: primark
sandals: primark

for a while i was umming and ahhing over whether or not i wanted this skirt from the motel sale as i wasn't sure how an a-line fit skirt would look due to my wide hips, but when it sold out in my size the decision was rudely made for me. then, as if by some sort of magic, i walked into a primark a couple of days later and spied this skirt: an a-line shape and and a vaguely similar print that looked like it wanted to be mandala, but wasn't quite sure, so for the £8 price tag i decided to see how me and an a-line fit got on. fast forward to me exiting the changing rooms and me and a-line were definitely friends, which was a nice surprise as i was expecting it be to massively unflattering.

today i'm headed out to sheffield with a couple of friends for a mooch around all the lovely vintage and independent shops it has to offer. sheffield's a place that i forget how much i enjoy visiting until i actually go back, so it's nice to have become reacquainted with it once again this summer!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner


it's been just over a month now since i snagged my free eyeko eyeliner from a glamour mag, so i thought i'd pop it onto my blog and talk about how i've been getting on with it; after all, i was pretty excited to try it out!

ok, so, in a nutshell? i've been pretty disappointed with this product, which really bummed me out because i wanted to love it so much. i'll start with the pigmentation of the product, which i think really is quite poor for a fairly expensive product. as you can see in the swatch above and when applied to the eyelid, it's fairly transparent in colour and requires quite a bit of working over your line to create a solid, opaque line; even then, i've found that constantly going over the line can rub away the product underneath, meaning altogether it's pretty difficult to achieve an opaque black colour, which for me is a massive negative – i like my flicks black, black! i found the product to be at its most pigmented during its first few uses, as afterwards it seems to dry out somewhat and become more wishy washy in colour. i tried to combat this and gave the eyeliner a rest for a week before picking it up again, and lo and behold it tackled the problem and the eyeliner was as pigmented as when i first used it, but this isn't really the performance you'd expect from a £12 eyeliner, is it?

another gripe i have with the product is how spongy the pen itself is, which makes it a little awkward to achieve perfect lines as you don't really have much control over the pen. i found it really hard to line along my lashline without making a bit of a mess, so most days had to go in with my supercat liner to a) perfect the line, and b) add the pigmentation that i desired. tut tut, eyeko. 

to continue in a similar fashion, the weartime of the product was also disappointing. while it doesn't run into a black mess like the supercat liner does when your eyes water a little, you can get to the end of the day with not much evidence of a flick left on your eyelid as it seems to become more transparent throughout the day, which really confuses me as i'm not one to mess around touching my eyes throughout the day. i suppose if you don't mind a more subtle black flick this may be one to try out as it tends to stay where you put it all day regardless of the loss of colour.

to finish on a positive, the liner does do what it promises in its name: you can achieve a fabulously thin, slick cat eye with very little effort. where i do prefer my supercat liner for pigmentation, i've never once been able to achieve such a defined eye with it because the nib's just that bit thicker. all that said, i'm left feeling a little underwhelmed by the product and know that i won't be forking out £12 for one of these liners in the future – i just expected so much more! perhaps i'm just being picky, but my quest for the perfect eyeliner is still well and truly on. if you know of any cruelty free options that you think may be what i'm looking for, please do feel free to leave them below!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

being alone

since entering my twenties, 'being alone' seems to have become something of a hot topic. maybe it's just that i'm super tuned into it all since becoming single myself, or perhaps it's just true that a lot of people around my age seem to be terrified of the prospect of being alone, so it's naturally something that gets thrown around in conversations that i'm involved in. for me it's a conversation where i always end up throwing a bunch of positives at my seemingly far too negative friends, simply because this whole "i'm alone at twenty, i'm going to die alone" mentality really bums me out, and for a while i wasn't too sure about why exactly it bummed me out, and then today, it all fell into place as i read this quote on tumblr:

which was, not surprisingly, reblogged by a girl in her early twenties. sigh. ok, so i think the first thing that grates on me in this quote is the extremely potent "me, me, me" attitude. i mean, is the poster quite ready for the relationship they claim to so desperately want when they apparently can't even look at a relationship as two people working together, rather than for one another? don't get me wrong, like in any friendship, a relationship can thrive when two people fiercely support one another, but i think there always has to be an element of compromise; it's just unfair to expect a partner to always have to do things your way, and it probably won't end well for the both of you as a pair. after all, a relationship is about mutual happiness, right? sure, have preferences, or standards, whatever the hell you want to call them, but expecting so much of someone you've even yet to meet? seems a bit silly to me. i fear i've perhaps gone a little off topic, but i just feel that being in a relationship requires an element of selflessness, and this "me, me, me" attitude that a few people seem hold throughout their miserable pursuit of love seems to highlight to me that perhaps they're just not ready for it yet.

ok, so back on topic. i think what clicked into place for me while reading this quote is the fact that people seem to put an expiration date on finding love, and it seems that if you haven't figured it out in your early twenties, people start to panic for themselves, but also for others. a friend of mine is currently having relationship problems, and while speaking to her she confessed to a) being scared of being alone, and b) never finding anybody else to be with, which just makes me so, so sad. on top of this, her mother also expressed her worry to me regarding it because she "thought this was it" and that "she'd settled down" with her boyfriend.

ok, so, firstly my friend's scared to be alone, which i find the most saddening part of all, because it really makes no sense to me. don't get me wrong, i understand why relationships are desirable – stability, comfort and an overriding knowledge that you are loved can definitely contribute to one's happiness – but i think people's desires for relationships can often lead to them losing their sense of self when becoming so obsessed with the idea of being a part of a couple, and in turn perhaps lead to their unhappiness when they fail to find this relationship that they desire so much. since becoming single i've realised these facts all the more, and i've really taken the time to begin loving and understanding myself, cementing my own foundation of happiness, and do you know what? it's all worked. i'm really quite content being on my own at the minute, so much so that the idea of being with someone right now freaks me out a little bit – i mean, there's so much right now that i want to do, and how can i possibly get on with it all if i've got another, real life person's emotions to take into consideration? well, i probably could do it, but it'd be a lot bloody harder for me and i might miss out on opportunities i might not want to, which honestly, i don't want to have to do. i don't want to compromise my life right now because i'm shaping myself as a person and a future for myself as the person i want to be. i know it's selfish of me, but if you can't be selfish while you're still young, when can you be? with age seems to come more responsibility with things such as relationships and family interfering, so why not make the most of being selfish while it's, effectively, not harming anybody else? it just seems so silly to me that people are scared of having so much freedom and so much space to be so unapologetically themselves.

secondly, the fear of never finding anybody else just really strikes me as people being overly melodramatic, especially when they're only in their early twenties. in most cases, these people have already had a handful of relationships in their mere 20 years on the earth, so for them to honestly believe that in their remaining 60 or whatever years they may never find another person who's romantically interested in them is just down right bonkers. maybe it's because in the last 8 years i've watched my parents divorce and both find love again in such a short space of time, but i really, truly believe that all of us can find someone who really, genuinely loves us, whether it takes us 2 months, 2 years or 20 years. i just think it's really unlikely that in time you won't find another human being that you connect with on such a level. perhaps i'm overly optimistic, but i'd like to think that however many years down the line, when i'm ready for another relationship, i'll be able to find one, and i think my time alone where i've been forced to love myself has helped me to truly believe that i'm worthy of love again, and that in itself probably makes it more attainable; i honestly never used to understand the phrase "you can't love anybody else until you love yourself," but now i think i finally do. for now though, i don't let the idea of finding somebody else plague me because being on my own is okay. i'm not in a rush to find love.

lastly, i also think it's pretty sad how we allow other people's expectations and opinions to affect our relationships and views on them. my own parents often pass comments about me still not having found somebody else (i've only been single for 9 months for christs' sake,) but because i'm truly happy being on my own, their comments don't bother me. i know other people who don't feel the same way, however, and openly speak to me about how it upsets them that they've their own romantic expectations to deal with as well as their parents expectations about their romantic relationships. i just think the whole thing really, really sucks, and it's something that seems to be embedded deeply into our society from what i've observed. i find it rather ironic actually that others feel the need to be so involved with people's relationships, when a lot of the time, it's their involvement that can often turn things sour due to their opinions and expectations that really aren't theirs to possess in regards to someone else's relationship. then again, could this unnecessary involvement in other people's lives reflect an unhappiness with their own lives, romantic or not? is the issue just that people nowadays seem to just be so bloody miserable, and is that misery a result of the social expectations relating to romance and how so many people seem to fall short of them in their early twenties when it's perfectly fine for it to be that way? these are the questions this quote got me asking myself, and at the end of it i'm all the more happy that my own single status doesn't fill me with such awful, negative emotions. 

this has been a little bit longer than i initially thought it might have been, but it's been something i've really quite enjoyed just typing out and attempting to understanding a little bit better myself. so, what do you think? is being alone really that bad, or can you also see the positives of being a free spirit?

Monday, 14 July 2014

fedora & a midi


fedora hat: depop
vest: new look
necklace: asos
belt: primark
skirt: vinted
satchel: primark
sandals: primark
today i'm sharing with you some weirdly lit, super awkward posey shots taken in the corner of my living room because the neighbours were sat outside in the garden next door – how dare they?! – and doin' my thing in front of them would've been more awkward than it would've been worth. sigh.

i nipped out up to my local high street today with the girl i work in the sweet shop with as i had a couple of bits and bobs to pick up, and although the sky was cloudy, it was a very warm 22 degrees outside so i threw on my typical vest top, skirt and primark sandals which have easily become my favourite piece of footwear. i'm also really fond of this style of vest top at the moment and have been flitting between wearing this and my white one on most days because it's so light, comfortable and means that if i spend any extended period of time in the sun, i most likely won't end up with dodgy tanlines, so it seems like an all round smart option to me. i've also really taken to wearing my fedora hat now that i'm over just how large it is and have adapted to the fact that sometimes i might not fit through doors with it on...