Wednesday, 17 September 2014

fantastic eyeliner on a budget: makeup revolution

double flick liquid eyeliner (not online): £3.50

i must admit, picking up new felt tip eyeliners to try has become something of second nature to me recently, so when i picked this makeup revolution offering up i wasn't really expecting to be blown away by it, but from the first use of it i realised that i couldn't have been more wrong because it was absolutely fantastic.

the liner differs from most highstreet felt tip liners in that it's double ended, offering a thick or thin side depending upon the intensity of the wing you're looking to achieve.

wearing the 'thin' side

wearing the 'thick' side

i tend to opt for the thin side when teaming up a subtle flick with eyeshadow as to not overdo it, and then opt for the thick side when i'm going for an all out, dramatic flick, but i'll not bore you any more with the obvious and instead talk about the actual product. 

the colour pay off is fantastic; a light stroke of the nib leaves a luscious, opaque black that glides on with complete ease. if i were to compare the finish to any other products i've used, i'd describe it as sitting somewhere between the soap & glory supercat liner and collection's fast stroke liner. i found that collection's fast stroke liner seemed to create a very thick, sometimes crumbly looking finish where you could almost pick it off in parts but at the same time didn't budge easily because of this, and the supercat liner left a thin finish that could be easily wiped away or smudged with your finger, and this liner sits happily in between, offering a thin covering of liner that doesn't budge with as much ease as the supercat liner, meaning you don't have to worry so much about accidentally rubbing your eyes and in turn all your liner off!

the thin end of the pen is by far the easiest, most precise liner i've ever had the pleasure of lining my lids with. i used to find with the soap & glory and collection offerings that it was really difficult to get a precise, thin line that was close to my lash line and instead always ended up cocking up and settling with thicker than intended flicks, but with this liner i'm in complete control of what i'm doing and can 9 times out of 10 get right down to the lash line to create a subtle flick for the days where i want a less dramatic look. 

in terms of lasting power, i'm more than happy to admit that i've neglected to take this off after a night out, and have woken up the morning after with absolutely minimal movement, which was a complete delight to discover after having woken up on many mornings with my eyeliner all over my lids from my hours of slumber. generally, unless you get your eyes excessively wet, the liner tends not to budge. 

after what seems like a lifetime of looking for 'the perfect eyeliner', i feel happy knowing that this liner ticks near enough all my boxes, and will only set me back £3.50 every time i need to replace it which is more than okay with me! if you ever find yourself at a makeup revolution counter, i would whole heartedly recommend picking this up to try because i've never been as impressed by an eyeliner in my life; with an opaque finish, precise application and decent staying power, it's worth every penny you'll pay for it. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

sweet tooth

choker: lilac edge
necklace: robynmakesthings
crop top: depop
belt: primark
jeans: charity shop
socks: primark
shoes: dr martens

i picked these jeans up from a charity shop a couple of months back and i've found that they come in handy for the days where the sun's not out, but it's still not quite cold enough to warrant wearing a jacket. to balance out the masculine shape of them, i like to team them up with this incredibly girly pink gingham crop that i bought from a user on depop who handmakes various pieces of clothing, and to further continue the girliness i like to also throw on one of my handmade cupcake necklaces which sits perfectly next to the gingham. finishing off with my trusty t-bar docs, i feel as though i'd fit in perfectly if you were to throw me onto a friends set. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

lilac edge jewellery

if you read my blog or follow my instagram, it'll be pretty obvious to you that hardly a day by where i don't wear at least one item of lilac edge jewellery. what originally started as a small order of a choker and necklace quickly turned into something of a mild obsession, with my collection quickly growing and it resulting in me now owning 8 pieces of lilac edge jewellery in total... oops!

lilac edge is a one person run business that sells various pieces of jewellery and accessories and even a couple of items of vintage clothing, and is run by my good friend alice. the shop's only been open around 6 or 7 months and in that time it has grown so vastly and quickly, with alice shipping out orders to her thousands of followers all over the world to countries including the usa and singapore as well as the uk. so, to further celebrate my undying love for the lovely pieces she has to offer within her shop, i thought i'd throw together a post featuring my lilac edge pieces and how i wear them. 

i picked these two pieces up in my second lilac edge order, and i've been throwing them together ever since to add something of a dainty, girly feel to some of my more masculine outfit choices such as this acid wash motel dress. i'd been after a nice, affordable gemstone necklace for absolutely ages, so when alice popped these into her shop for £4.50 (i think!) i was falling all over myself to make sure i got to her online store in time to bag myself one. she doesn't offer this exact necklace anymore, but she does have some similar, slightly larger quartz crystal necklaces available that i've linked above.

the choker and necklace here formed my first ever lilac edge purchase, and i was drawn to them because i loved the colours of them both and knew they'd look great paired up. the earrings are one of my more recent purchases, but they've now become an everyday staple for me, with me alternating between these and a gold pair of earrings depending on the colour i've decided to accessorise with on the day.

last but not least, i've teamed together what are probably my favourite lilac edge pieces. i love the thick, black velvet choker because it's so simple and goes with pretty much any outfit i could ever dream of throwing together, and is a pretty good buy for just £3. the eye connector necklace formed part of my third order, and i love how it sits connecting the necklace rather than dangling as a charm – it just makes it that little bit more special! the iris and pupil of the charm are also slightly holographic, making it super pretty. the fairy dust necklace isn't something i would normally have picked out for myself, but there was something about the super sweet white fairy dust that drew me in, and its cuteness is balanced out when paired with my chunky choker. 

so, there we have it, my love for lilac edge laid out bare for you all to see. i'd like to finish by saying that i have not been paid or endorsed in any fashion by alice for this post, but simply wanted to share with you what i think is a fantastic little independent shop that offers a wide range of fantastically priced jewellery that easily beats the prices of high street shops or ebay sellers (£8 for a choker?! no thank you!) i just hope you love alice's jewellery as much as i do!

(disclaimer: i thought it sensible to cover my back here and mention that yes, i'm aware that chloe from the little plum posted a practically identical post to this yesterday featuring another jewellery brand, but in no way is this post of mine a response to, or a 'copy' of hers. it's been scheduled since i shot the photos last thursday, it's just a shame that sometimes, if rarely, blog content can clash as it has done in this instance. ah, the pains of running a blog on mostly scheduled posts. need to keep my routine though, right?! i just thought i'd throw this out there before accusations of content copying may crop up, because hey, if i've learnt anything while blogging, it's that bloggers just ain't down for copying!)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

sunday synopsis

today has well and truly been a lazy sunday for me; i've only moved from the sofa to shower and to eat dinner and i can hand on heart say i do not feel an ounce of guilt for doing so (for once!) it's odd, simply ticking the doggy a - z off of my list of things to do has left me feeling unusually happy and relieved, like even though my summer has been largely lazy and unproductive, this one accomplishment means i can forgive myself for my lack of doing, and i am not complaining right now as i shovel peanut butter pretzels into my mouth while typing this... i'd say oops, but i'm honestly not sorry. yum.

this time next sunday i'll be back up in middlesbrough at what is called the 'welcome wagon' at my university, where all three years come together to either reunite or get to know each other, and i'll no doubt be stood amongst it all feeling old and unnerved about the fact that it will be my last two freshers weeks ever. as much as it freaks me out knowing that i'll be a real adult this time next year, it's also somewhat upsetting to know that i'll never, ever be back at uni living within a ten minute walk of all the people i've grown so close to during my years at university, and i'm really struggling to get my head around it all properly. i suppose all i can do for now is to enjoy the time i have left with everyone though, right?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

saturday scribbles

i did it, i finally did it – i completed my doggy a - z! i've been working on this on and off since around may, but finally got around to painting it up properly and arranging it digitally over the last week. i began sketches for an a - z piece back in may, and since then i've been on and off experimenting with paints, pencils and digital colouring to decipher just what medium would do my doggies justice, and the answer lied within the simplicity that is my watercolours.

i haven't used watercolours to illustrate for a very long time, and i must say i've been having lots of fun using them again. i took a much more gutsy approach (for me at least!) when creating these, simply putting paint straight to paper without a pencil guide, and i'm pretty pleased with the results. it's meant that i've had to work as i go along, being much more ballsy with my paint application rather than painting tentatively to ensure the outcome is as i imagined it, and it's been kind of relieving and extremely rewarding because i'm so pleased with how they look – yippee!

a couple of people asked through instagram about prints of this, and it spurred me on to create a society6 account. i currently only have a handful of designs available on my account, but hey, maybe it'll push me to create some more relevant content for it! so, if you'd be at all interested in a print, phone case or mug with these designs on, you can check out my society6 account hereand with the code below you can treat yourself to $5 off an iphone case and free shipping, but be quick as it expires at 9am on monday 15th september!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

90s revival

 sunglasses: primark
choker & necklace: lilac edge
dress: upcycled
shoes: primark

yesterday the sun came back out, and as if by magic, the air was warm and it felt like summer once again after the last couple of weeks that've felt a little autumnal, what with the cold bite that's been lingering in the breeze. i decided to embrace the lovely weather and threw on this little gem of a dress that my mum handed down to me at the beginning of the summer. it's a dress of hers from the 90s (potentially older than me!) and although it's a 14 and doesn't fit as intended, i find it looks wonderful as a shift dress that just gently skims over my hips and i love it. the dress was more of a midi style when she gave it to me, but ten minutes with my sewing machine meant i could remove a couple of inches from the bottom and make it into this wonderfully fitting dress that has a somewhat oriental style floral print, which i find gives it a kinda grungy vibe, especially when paired with chunky shoes and a choker. it's altogether a wonderful piece of truly 'vintage' clothing that i very warmly welcomed into my wardrobe. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

my b. skincare dream team

my skin has been pretty much tip top these last few months, and i think i can safely say it's because of these three wonderful products. i've spoken about the micellar water and exfoliating cleanser previously in separate posts if you'd like to check out my opinions on them more in depth, but i thought i'd do a post to just generally talk about my skincare staples at the minute and how i'm getting on with them. 

for the last year or so i've been experimenting with various skincare products, and i can finally say that i've settled into a routine that's affordable, simple and extremely effective for my somewhat oily skin. i begin my day by cleansing and moisturising before applying makeup, and then ending it by removing my makeup with the micellar water before again cleansing and moisturising. 

i find that although the cleanser is also an exfoliator, it's not too abrasive to use twice a day and instead just helps to balance out the oiliness of my skin and make sure that all traces of makeup are properly washed away. the moisturiser includes spf and is quite thick meaning it really needs to be worked into your skin, but it absorbs into your skin surprisingly quickly meaning that it isn't too heavy to apply before your makeup. as well as this, it's also surprisingly nourishing for my skin, leaving it supple and plump and perfect for nighttime use as well as daytime – a great two in one product! 

my skincare routine now is basically these three products alone, however if i ever encounter any nasty spots, i go in with my lush grease lightning to combat them before they get the chance to get too ugly, but generally spots aren't a problem for me anymore. on occasion i may get the odd spot or two (you know, around certain times of the month) but they tend to clear up pretty quickly nowadays and don't wreak havoc on my skin for weeks on end like they used to – hurrah! it's fair to say i'm very happy with my skin at the minute. thanks, b!